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A Group Of Preschoolers Wrote A Cookbook And The Recipes Are Hilarious!

We all know kids say the most amazing things, right? Most of the time, they aren’t even trying to crack us up but their pure honesty and bluntness have led to some hilarious moments through the years. Some of the funniest responses you will ever get from a child is asking him or her how something is made. When they don’t know the answer, they usually use their imagination to come up with how they think it should or could.


For example, a group of preschoolers was asked to tell their teacher their favorite recipes for a class cookbook. As you would expect, a bunch of three- or four-year-olds have no idea how to cook or what a recipe even is.


Each child let their teacher know what they’re favorite food is. The students also had to share what the ingredients were, where to buy them, and step-by-step instructions. The cookbook was then made and each child received one to give to their mother’s on Mother’s Day.


Twitter user Jordan Adams was at his sister’s house when he stumbled across the cookbook which he quickly took photos of and posted online. He told HuffPost: “When I started to read it, I just started to laugh at how silly some of the recipes were. I thought to myself, ‘Damn this is some comedy gold. Like, only kids could think of these responses.”

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