95-Year-Old Veteran Sets Out To Show A Little Boy How To Be Brave

Daniel Biss, a 95-year-old veteran of both World War II and the Korean War, may have gained your respect with just that statement, but what he did at his local community pool earlier this month has the Internet saluting him with even more fervor.

Daniel, his friends, and family were spending a day at the pool when he noticed a little boy scared to jump off the diving board. The retire Airman decided that he would take matters into his own hands and prove the little boy had nothing to be afraid of by going off the diving board himself!


As he was helped on the board, there were a few scary moments as the 95-year-old wobbled a little, but his friends and family were there to give him a hand. They also got quite a shock! Daniel didn’t just merely jump off the diving board – he dove head first and emerged to a sea of cheers!

His daughter Christine told USA Today that her dad is “very spry for his age” and his grandson Kevin said that Daniel “wants to be seen around the world.” Millions have already watched the adorable video so it looks like Daniel’s on his way to accomplishing his goal!

Watch This Veteran Show Everyone How It’s Done:

Source: Air Force veteran shows little boy how to be brave by USATODAY_Militarykind


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