95-Year-Old Veteran Sets Out To Show A Little Boy How To Be Brave

Here at AdaliaRose.com, we love nothing more than putting a smile on your face! There’s a lot of negativity on your social media timelines and in the news, so if there’s a story that can brighten your day or be a source of inspiration when you’re going through a rough patch, we want you to know about it!

Luckily, for every sad or disheartening story on the news, there are hundreds, if not thousands, more that show the inherent good in people. They say for every yin there’s a yang, but we’d better there are a lot more yangs! In the last month alone, we’ve seen a tattoo shop owner purchase air conditioners on a whim for families suffering through the hot summer in his community.

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We’ve gotten to know Alyssa Carson, a 17-year-old who has shown the world if you have a dream and work toward it, anything is possible. Alyssa is preparing to become the first human to reach Mars in 2033 and at the pace she’s going, she may very well do it!


We’ve also seen stories that show how important the message of never giving up is.¬†Twelve-year-old Jonathan Bryan was born with severe cerebral palsy and was expected never to walk or talk. But that didn’t stop him from writing his own book!

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