8-Year-Old Boy Has Won The Internet After Helping Elderly Woman Get Up Her Stairs

It’s been a rough media for social media users. Debates, arguments, and division are plastered all over our feeds again but one video is giving us all a well-needed break from the negativity. It involves another amazing and selfless young person who is going above and beyond to show everyone the world isn’t as dark as it may seem.


Earlier this month, we shared the story of Austin Perine. He’s a four-year-old superhero who’s known as President Austin in Birmingham, Alabama. The villains that Austin fights are Hunger and Homelessness. Every weekend, Austin and his dad, T.J. take the young boy’s allowance and buy sandwiches and sodas for the local homeless population.


Austin delivers the goodies to the people in need, always telling them to “Remember to show love.” His story has spread throughout the country along with his “Show love” message. How can you be anything but hopeful for the future with kids like President Austin in this world?


In the last few days, another young man with a heart of gold is spreading his light with the world, but neither he nor his mom had any idea his act of kindness would touch millions of lives in a matter of days. In fact, they didn’t even know it was being recorded.

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