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7 Supermoms Whose Special Journeys To Motherhood Will Astound You

For those who choose to be mothers, motherhood is one of the greatest blessings imaginable. And no matter how you became a mother, whether through adoption, IVF treatments or surrogacy, it’s the most life-changing special experience imaginable.

For the seven moms below, motherhood might not have taken the traditional route – but they are that much more extraordinary for having taken the risk to achieve their dreams of one day becoming a mother.

1. Elizabeth Ann Buttle

Elizabeth Ann Buttle holds the world record for the longest interval in between two live births. At the age of 19, she gave birth to her first child Belinda on May 19,1956. It would be another 41 years (she was 60) until she would deliver her second child Joseph, who was born on November 20, 1997. In order to get the green light on her IVF treatments, Elizabeth fibbed about her age so she could get them.

2. Stacey Herald

This 2 foot 4 inch Kentucky mom holds the record for being one of the smallest moms to give birth. Despite warnings from her doctors that it would be next to impossible for her to carry a baby, to date she has delivered three healthy babies. Another concern was that she would pass along the Osteogenesis Imperfecta gene she carries, which her daughter Kateri inherited. Makaya and Malachi were also born with medical issues but Stacey and her 5 foot 9 inch husband Will say God has a plan.

3. Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie is the first transgender individual to get pregnant. The transgender fertility rights advocate became the world’s first pregnant man. Although Thomas was born a female, he lives life as a male and began hormone treatments at age 23. He had surgery to remove his breasts but he chose to keep his reproductive organs. He became impregnated three times by an anonymous sperm donor through artificial insemination.

4. Carolina Chirindza

During the 2000 devastation of the Mozambique floods, pregnant mom-to-be Carolina Chirindza made headlines after being trapped in a tree. As floodwaters raged below her, she went into labor and delivered a baby girl, Rositha. One hour later, a South African military helicopter rescued the new mom and her baby.

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