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After 40-Hour Labor, Brand-New Mom Gets The Shock Of Her Life!

When most women find out they’re about to become a mother, they immediately start planning. In most cases, they book an appointment with an OB-GYN as soon as possible. But before they even find out the baby’s due date, they’re picking out baby names and looking through magazines and baby-centric sites for the latest and safest products for their impending arrival.


If the mother is a first-timer, the planning process can play second fiddle to the countless questions she has. When will the morning sickness end? Will I have to stop working? How do I even find a doctor?! In many cases, a first-time mom will try to do everything by the book – and there are plenty of pregnancy books out there to choose from!


They seek advice from every mother they know and may even get some from women they haven’t asked. They check and double-check everything, just to be sure they’re doing everything right. That means, following all of their doctor or midwife’s orders and suggestions like what to eat, what vitamins to take and what to avoid completely.


First-timers have a lot of decisions to make that weigh heavily on their pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Some of those decisions will be analyzed by the new mom over and over again since she’s traveling down a path she’s never gone before. In a lot of cases, brand-new moms opt for a natural labor and delivery but some are taking going “natural” a little too far.

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