3 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Beauty Routine This Summer

In addition to the sun, saltwater and chlorine can also be factors that play into the dehydration process. These two summer faves don’t just dry out our skin but they can also dry and damage our hair. While we may be green with envy looking through the pages of fashion magazines at all of the models with their “beach wave” hair, we could do without the sticky texture taking a dip in the pool or ocean can leave behind.


Summer is also the time of year that can give colored hair fits! While we all love a day at the salon, we don’t always love paying those salon prices throughout the summer to keep our hair looking fresh. Beauty and wellness expert Grace Gold shared her three favorite ways to refresh your beauty routine recently, and the best part is, you won’t have to break the bank to give your routine a summer update!

Watch Three Ways To Give Your Beauty Routine A Summer Update:

Source: 3 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Summer Beauty Routine by WTMJMilwaukee

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