25 Reasons That Prove Japan Is Unlike Any Other Country On Earth

Japan is one of the most unique places on the planet. Aside from their fuel-efficient and well-made cars and ground-breaking technology, there is an old-world culture to the Land of the Rising Sun. While the landscape itself is second to none with its gorgeous mountains and lush valleys, the massive city of Tokyo offers a different take on the island nation. Tokyo, indeed, is a city like no other.

Anyone who has ever traveled to Japan will tell you they’ve seen things they never thought were possible – and we’re not talking about the red light district. The efficiency in which the city operates is present from their restrooms to their public transportation. Not only are the gadgets and inventions out of this world, the order in which the people themselves operate is a sight to behold. Check out 25 incredible reasons why Japan is unlike any other country on Earth…

1. Soda Cans Have Braille On Them


The soda cans in Japan have the brand/flavor written in Braille on the can to help the visually impaired.

2. This Takes Having Team Pride To Another Level


Japanese fans stayed after the matches during the 2014 FIFA World Cup to clean the stadium.

3. Art Is All Around You


Even in the most unlikely places – like manhole covers.

4. This Is How They Protest


Talk about directing your angst at the proper channels!

5. Baby Seats In Public Restrooms


Just about every public restroom has baby seats installed in the walls.

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