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17-Year-Old Girl Is Preparing To Be The First Human To Go To Mars!

There has been an uptick in space lately, thanks to STEM programs in schools and privatized companies like SpaceX who are making science popular again. With that, comes the big question: What’s next? The last manned moon landing was in December 1972 with Apollo 17, so it seems like another small step for man, giant leap for mankind has to be made elsewhere. All signs point to the next frontier being Mars.

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Humans have been fascinated with the Red Planet for decades. In 1953, War of the Worlds was released by Paramount Pictures, ushering in a new era of doomsday focused on the arrival of Martians. The blow was softened a bit after CBS premiered My Favorite Martian in 1963 and ever since people have been obsessed with visiting the fourth rock from the sun.

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After NASA shut down its shuttle program in 2011, public interest in space travel seemed to be shut down as well.¬†Recently, the trend is turning upwards again, especially with young people, after a series of successful launches by SpaceX and the popularity of famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. One young woman is leading the charge when it comes to taking space travel seriously…

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Alyssa Carson is 17 years old and has been training with NASA for years. She hopes to be a part of the first mission to Mars in 2033. By the looks of it, she’s got a pretty good shot at it, too!

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