15-Year-Old Drawing Prodigy Will Take Your Breath Away With His Incredible Animal Art

As you probably already know, we love sharing the work of talented artists on AdaliaRose.com. Whether it’s cool hairstyles, incredible mashups, or skilled painters, it seems as if the Internet is never short of blessing everyone with magnificent art. Some of these artists have been working at their craft for decades, while others are naturally talented. The artist you’re about to meet has both characteristics; he is a 15-year-old from Serbia named Dušan Krtolica, who has been drawing since he was two. Yes, two!

Dušan is considered a drawing prodigy, and one look at his creations will leave you understanding why. Here are just a few of his brilliant drawings that are sure to take your breath away…


As we stated in the intro, Dušan began drawing when he was just two years old and barely able to hold a pen. Some people really are just “born with it!”


Dušan enjoys drawing animals the most, although, from the looks of it, he could probably take on any subject.


When asked why nature is his chosen theme, Dušan said: “I love the diversity of the animal kingdom. [Its] ability to adapt and change.”


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