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15 People Who Hit It Out Of The Park With Their Disneybounding!

Just about everyone these days is familiar with cosplay. In a nutshell, cosplay is when someone dresses in a costume as their favorite character from a movie, book, or video game. It’s incredibly popular at conventions and movie premieres. Cosplaying has been around for years but gained popularity as the various Comic-Cons did.

Disneybounding has been a huge trend among Disney Parks fans over the past year. Disneybounding is like cosplay, except you don’t actually wear a costume, per se. It’s more like playing dress up but you’re aiming to look like your favorite Disney character.

Some Disneybounders even believe using props is against the rules and turns “bounding” back into cosplay. For all intents and purposes, we’re leaving photos of people using true props out of this gallery, just so we don’t offend any Disneybounders out there!

So take a look at 15 people who really hit it out of the (Disney) park with their Disneybounding!


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Sources say suspenders don’t count as props so the Goofys are in!


Looks comfy, too!

Te Fiti

She really was thinking out of the box with this one!

Another Goofy

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We love everything about her version.

Jessica Rabbit

According to IMDb, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? marked the only time cartoon characters from Walt Disney and Warner Brothers appeared together on-screen.

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