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15 Hilarious Images Of Dogs Begging For Food That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

There’s nothing that will put a smile on your face quite like a dog. Okay, and babies, little kids, and kindness, but for all intents and purposes, we’re going to stick with dogs for the sake of this gallery. If you own a pup, you already know the enormous amount of love they give especially when you really need it.

But they also have a tendency ever now and again to get into a little bit of mischief. Sometimes, they can even be frustrating, like when you come home from work and find your favorite designer heels are now strappy sandals.¬†Sometimes, their mischievous ways are also a tad bit hilarious. Case in point: When it comes to eating time. Not the dog’s eating time, mind you, yours.

Dogs know they aren’t supposed to beg. They know that they aren’t supposed to eat people food. Yet, every time the refrigerator door, here they are. Staring at you with those big, sad eyes. It’s hard to say “no” as is, but the 15 images you’re about to see seem impossible.

1. Gettin’ By With A Little Help From His Friend…


Unfortunately, it seems the sweet boy on the bottom is getting a raw deal in this one.

2. Training The Baby!


Is it bad that we giggled at this one?

3. He’s Doing What He Was Told


And that was not to stare at his human while he eats.

4. The Look Of Longing Is Heartbreaking


But completely understandable!

5. Let Me Just Sneak In Here…


Did you notice the look on the dog’s face at the end? Like nothing even happened!


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