15 Genius Words Kids Made Up That Are Better Than The Originals!

We all know kids say the darndest things. A lot of it has to do with their transparent honesty and bluntness. Other times, things just make sense to them in a different light than an adult sees something. Every once in a while something pretty hilarious comes out of their mouths because they just plain forgot what a word was so they made up a new one. Hey, there’s a lot going on in the mind of a five-year-old!

Last month, Tessa Dare and her friend Jill Baetiong were at Newport Beach, California with Jill’s two small daughters, Mia and Bridget. Suddenly, five-year-old Mia saw a crow and called it a “Halloween eagle.” Tessa was so tickled about it that she shared the term on Twitter…

The Tweet That Started It All

Like all things hilarious that involve children, Twitter users began sharing their own stories of funny words their kids called things.

“Battle Unicorn”

As you’ll see with many of these, this makes perfect sense.

“Flamingo Witches”

This one is a little more difficult to connect the dots, but if it makes sense to her that’s all that matters!

“Vampire House Flies”

As the mom in this tweet says, you can’t argue with that logic one bit.

“The Stories In My Eyes”

This is much better than “dreams.” This little girl is already a poet!


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