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15 Coffee Shops Who Have Gone Above And Beyond To Brighten Your Day!

Coffee shops are known for their free wifi, creative java concoctions, and talented baristas but many of them are more clever than we give them credit for. Some of this is out of necessity – how do you beat the big guy? Be more creative! While some coffee-loving small business owners are just super fun people who express their quirky personalities through their shops.

Some are interested in helping the environment while others are trying to bring smiles to their customers’ faces. Regardless of what their motivation behind their creativity is, their uniqueness is definitely¬†worth celebrating. Take a look…

15. Clean Up The Beach, Get A Cup For Free


Pretty cool concept. This cafe is located on the beach and is committed to seeing people take care of the beautiful surroundings. They offer a free cup of coffee if you grab a bucket and fill it with trash.

14. Mind The Bagels, Please


Sometimes it’s the little things in life that give us the biggest smiles!

13. That’s One Way To Say You’re Closed


This is a fun way to let your customers know you’re not open. It gives a more intimate feel too, don’t you think?

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