15 Adorably Hilarious Images Of Dogs To Brighten Your Day!

Everyone needs a break from the negative stories highlighted on our social media feeds and on the news. Here at AdaliaRose.com, we try our hardest to give you a break from all of the stories that dampen your day and try to put a smile on your face.

We’re not the only ones that attempt to brighten your day, of course. There are plenty of people out there who spread love, light, and joy all over the Internet. Thankfully, these people post photos that give you the warm fuzzies to sites like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Imgur. In fact, the r/aww subreddit boasts more than 17 million subscribers which means there is a whole lot of “Aww!” to choose from when it comes to breaking up your day.

We’re just showcasing 15 today and each one will be sure to leave you smiling! Underneath each image is the original caption posted by the owner so can see firsthand the idea behind the snap.

1. Bring Your Dog To Work Day


“When you bring your dog to work and she reminds you you’re her favorite person.”

2. It’s Not How It Looks…


…”I can explain.”

3. Best Pen We’ve Seen In A While


Presenting: the “branch manager and assistant branch manager.”

4. We’re Not Done Here


“This is Robert. He does this every time he realizes his walk is over.”

5. Cuteness Overload!


His owner captioned it “A special moment captured” and we couldn’t agree more!

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