12-Year-Old Girl Has Basketball-Sized Tumor Removed From Face And Now Has A Chance To Live

Founded 40 years ago, Mercy Ships has saved the lives of thousands of people, operating in more than 57 developing nations and 18 developed countries around the world. The charities main focus is on Africa, highlighted by their newest and largest ship, MV Africa Mercy.


If you aren’t familiar with the incredible humanitarian organization, Mercy Ships is a group that provides non-governmental supplied medical care in the form of a hospital ship. The Africa Mercy boasts eight decks with its lower decks consisting of a modern hospital with five Operating theaters, an Intensive Care Unit, an ophthalmic unit, a CT scanner, X-ray, laboratories, and a recovery ward with beds for 82 patients. Its lower decks are outfitted to accommodate 484 crew members which include families of the patients. The ship also contains a school, daycare center, library, and several other features.


One of the most incredible things about Africa Mercy is the dedication that every crew member has to the physical and mental health of people living in desolate countries. The free healthcare is a godsend and helps people like 12-year-old Kaltoumi live a better life.


Kaltoumi had a tumor the size of a basketball that engulfed her face over the last five years. As a result of the lack of medical attention given to her tumor, Kaltoumi could barely eat and the tumor was suffocating her. The young girl from Cameroon given three months to live and was flown to a port by the government where the Africa Mercy could dock to treat her.

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