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12-Year-Old Branded ‘Unteachable’ Due To His Locked-In Condition Writes Book With His Eyes

Last June, Jonathan, who is a very bright boy, wanted to write a book to share his experience with others. Three boards were held up in front of him: One for letters, numbers, and punctuation, so he can make a selection by looking at the desired selection to form sentences. When Jonathan was writing his book, family members and friends took turns typing out his words on a computer.


By Christmas 2017, the 192-page book was complete and the first manuscript was sent to the publisher. The final version was approved by Bonnier Publishing in May and last month, Jonathan received the first hardbound copy. Jonathan’s book, Eye Can Write: A Memoir Of A Child’s Silent Soul Emerging is available on Amazon as well as major book retailers worldwide.

Proceeds from the book will go to Jonathan’s charity, Teach Us Too, which aims to ensure that all children are taught to read and write. Although he is apprehensive that people won’t like his autobiography, he is currently in the process of writing a novel!

Watch Jonathan Explain His Condition Is His Own Words:

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