10-Year-Old Honored For Bringing Smiles And Girl Scout Cookies To Cancer Patients

Being a Girl Scout is a big part of millions of young women’s lives when they’re growing up. Being in a troop gives you an instant bond with other girls your age where you learn invaluable skills that will last a lifetime. Every week, memories are made as well as arts and crafts and other projects.You learn the importance of volunteering in your community to make the world a better place.


Whether it’s at Girl Scout Camp or a weekend hiking and camping trip, young women across the U.S. learn to work together as a team and to accept every girl, regardless of color, religion, background, or financial means. There is always one time of the year where their teamwork is always evident and that’s during Girl Scout Cookie time!

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Recently, the Girl Scouts has started a campaign called G.I.R.L., “Because in every G.I.R.L., there’s a Go-Getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader.” One young lady in Missouri is proving that campaign is 100-percent accurate, but she started her own campaign with the message long before the Girl Scouts began posting about it.

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Madison’s Girl Scout Cookie drive is inspired by her mother, a cancer survivor, but the 10-year-old does a lot more giving than she does selling…

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