10-Year-Old Boy Pleads To Be Adopted: ‘I’ll Do Anything’

Right now, 10-year-old kids across North America are enjoying their summer breaks. They’re going on family vacations, sleeping in, playing with video games, and swimming as much as they can. Jeremiah is just like every other 10-year-old this summer, except for a few differences.


Jeremiah has a lot more on his mind than going on a family vacation to Disney World, in fact, he doesn’t have a family to call his own. He’s been in the foster system in Oklahoma for three years now and he’s had a really rough go of it.


Jeremiah lives in a group home, where he is bullied and abused by the other children. In a feature by Oklahoma News 4Jeremiah sadly admitted: “I want to be adopted because I get beat up in my group home.” 


A spokesperson for the group home told KFOR that they are working to address the problem so Jeremiah can live a much happier life. Jeremiah doesn’t think that will happen until he finds a forever family.

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