Here Are 10 Ways To Feel Awesome When You Need A Pick Me Up

As much as we all try to be positive people, we like in a world that can be dark and scary. Some people can naturally turn lemons into lemonade and always seem to be able to find a silver lining in every cloud.

Other people find it a little more difficult to see that the glass is half full when everything they see tells them that it’s half empty.

There’s no shame in admitting you feel a little down sometimes and could use a pick me up; we all have days like that.

Here are 10 ways you can feel awesome again when skies are a little grey.

1. Go Out In The Rain


Remember the joy you got from jumping in puddles when you were a child? Try and relive those moments as a grown up. If you have an errand to run, don’t wait until the skies clear up. Just grab a towel and get ready to let the rain wash away your worries. If you can, grab a friend and have a rainy day adventure together!

2. Attack A To-Do List Task


Nothing makes someone feel better than feeling a sense of accomplishment. Grab that list of things you need to do that you’ve been putting off and knock off one of the tasks.

3. Make Some Time For You


You may feel a little rundown from always doing for your family or co-workers. Take a few minutes to do something for you! Even if it’s reading a book or taking a bath, the time alone will help you gather your thoughts and give you a reboot.

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