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These Are The 10 Beauty Supplies Every Woman Should Keep In Her Desk

7. Chapstick


You may opt for lipstick or gloss and that’s totally fine, but usually, a swipe of the ol’ standby chapstick will do the trick!

6. Mascara


There are certain makeup essentials that no woman can live without and mascara is one of them. It’s easy to forget you have it stashed away, so remember to switch it out every two months just like the tube you use daily at home.

5. Deodorant


Regardless of the promises the manufacturer makes, you usually find yourself smelling a little ripe before their “expiration time” comes up. This is also helpful if you frequent the gym during your lunch hour and don’t like carrying around sticks of deodorant in your purse all day.

4.Makeup Remover Sheets


You know what else works wonders? Baby wipes. It removes makeup along with cleaning off your hands while you’re at your desk. There are so many uses for baby wipes and they’re much cheaper than makeup remover sheets.

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