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These Are The 10 Beauty Supplies Every Woman Should Keep In Her Desk

If you have a full-time job working in an office, you’re probably familiar with that one co-worker who keeps everything in her desk. Regardless of the situation, she’s always prepared. She has cotton swabs, tissues, bandages, aspirin, and feminine products tucked away in one of her desk drawers and she’s always the go-to when an emergency arises.

If you’re reading this thinking, “Hmm, I don’t think my office has one, but Jessica just asked me if I had a baby wipe earlier…” Congratulations, you’re “the one” in your¬†office!

Some women may go a little overboard while others never seem to have anything they need. So how much is too much and what are the actual essentials needed to get through any beauty emergency at work? We’re about to tell you (in no particular order)…

10. Comb / Hairbrush


This one can even be extended to bobby pins and a hair tie. Hair emergencies happen at the most inopportune moments and it’s always helpful to have a mini stash to get you through your workday.

9. Travel Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Mouth Wash, And Floss


You may not consider these items an emergency, but how many afternoon meetings have you gone to running through cubicles in a panic looking for a breath mint?

8. Roll-On Or Sample Sized Fragrance


Roll-on fragrances can be purchased at department store beauty counters but if you can’t find any, experts suggest doing one of two things. In the morning as you spray on your fragrance, spray a few cotton swabs until they’re moist then seal them into ziplock bags. The other suggestion is to ask for sample vials of all the scents you already own, so you can keep the sample in your desk. Either way, you won’t have to worry about mixing and matching your scents if you need a refresh.

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