Zoo Employee Reveals 15 Interesting Facts About Animals You Probably Didn’t Know!

6. Wait…WHAT?!

“One-fifth of all the known mammal species are bats.”

That’s a lot of bats!

7. You’ll Never Lose The Grizzlies Vs. Brown Bear Debate Again

“All grizzlies are brown bears, but not all brown bears are grizzlies (grizzlies are a sub-categorization of the brown bear).”

Got it?

8. Roaring Cats Vs. Purring Cats

“There are several ways to classify the large cats, one of the more useful ones is into the roaring cats (tigers, lions) and the purring cats (bobcats, lynxes). The puma (also known as the mountain lion) is the largest cat that purrs. I’ve heard it up close, it’s amazing. A cheetah’s purr sounds like an idling motorcycle engine.”

In addition to tigers and lions, leopard and jaguar can also roar – but that’s it! Just those four big cats. Interesting, right?

9. So They’re Like Baby Cheetos?

“Langur monkeys are silvery-gray in color – their babies are bright orange. Like Cheeto orange, I do not exaggerate.”

10. This Is Why Kangaroos Hop

“Kangaroos cannot move their legs independently of each other, they have to move them in sync – when they’re on land. When they’re swimming, they can move them separately. Hopping is their most efficient way to move – a walking kangaroo is awkward as hell. They swing both legs forward using their tail as a third leg to prop up while their legs swing.”


All facts are quoted from BoredPanda, and the photos that accompany them are all sourced from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

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