You’re Supposed To Be Watching The Little Ballerina But Her Dad Unknowingly Stole The Show!

There are a lot of duties that go along with being a parent. Of course, the obvious ones start immediately with the feeding and diaper changing. As the child grows up, more duties emerge like driving them to and from practice, packing lunches, kissing boo-boos, reading them stories, comforting them when they’re upset and so on.


But there are a lot of duties that aren’t as obvious and don’t get talked about as much. It may seem silly to anyone who isn’t a parent, but it’s a big deal when you can comb through your daughter’s hair without evoking a yelp!


Another parental responsibility that gets overlooked is the importance of learning every word to a choir song, every note to a piano piece, and every move to a dance. People forget, but when a child isn’t at practice, it’s their parents that are helping them learn their performance!


For decades, it was considered the “mom’s job” to handle these parenting duties. All dad had to do was show up and cheer along. But that was then and this is 2018! There are plenty of dads who are braiding their daughter’s hair and even learning every step of their ballet routine…

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