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Young Woman Who Once Weighed Less Than 100 Pounds Due To Anorexia Is Now A Weightlifter!

Everyone has their own battles in life, whether it’s due to a disorder like dyslexia or a physical disability or health issue. Others have other adversities that they have to overcome like addiction or an eating disorder. Thanks to social media and the Internet, we are able to see the transformations these people make as they win their battles and give others encouragement.


Alyssa Suzanne from Houston is one of these people. Five years ago when Alyssa was 16, she wanted to “boost her confidence” and though that cutting calories was the way to do it. Before she knew it, she weighed 100 pounds.


Alyssa would only eat around 600 calories a day, mainly consisting of foods with few carbs like Greek yogurt, vegetables, and lean meats. With her petite 5’5″ frame, her anorexia quickly took control over her body. When her weight reached below 100 pounds, she began to experience serious side effects from her low caloric intake.

She developed anemia, depression, loss of her menstrual cycle, lack of sleep, and chronic dizziness.


Alyssa was miserable and would often cry every time she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She knew what she was doing was harming herself and became determined to get better.

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