Young Woman Claims She Became ‘Allergic To Water’ While Pregnant

Any woman who has given birth knows that your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Some of those changes are more than cosmetic. Along with physical changes like weight gain and stretch marks, there can be physiological changes as well. One young mother in Wales says that she went through a change that you may not have heard of before. She claims she is now allergic to water.


Cherelle Farrugia is 25 years old and gave birth to her first child in January. Shortly after, she began experiencing a painful and itchy rash after she took a shower. At first, she thought it was something in one of her soaps or shampoo.

“At first, I thought I must be allergic to a product that I was using so I changed all of my products… but I noticed I was still reacting,” she told Daily Mail Australia.


When that didn’t work, Cherelle tried the temperature of the water. She tried making it hotter, cooler, body temperature – to no avail; she’d have a reaction every time.

“I then tried the swimming pool, bottled water, and filtered water and to my disbelief, I reacted again,” she explained. She even was tested for a chlorine allergy and bacteria in her shower head but those came back negative. She was about to give up when she stumbled across an extremely rare condition.


It’s called Aquagenic Uticaria and its so rare, only 35 cases of it exist in the world. It is a condition in which the sufferer has an allergic reaction to water.

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