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Taking Girl Power To A New Level! Scientists Say Women Are Biologically Stronger Than Men

Technically, men are physically stronger but according to scientists, women are biologically stronger than men.

The study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists of the United States of America revealed recently that a woman is actually more likely to survive a life-threatening crisis than a man.

The researchers came to this conclusion by comparing the mortality rates of women and men who experienced famines, epidemics, and slavery.


The only two exceptions were plantation slaves in 19th-century Trinidad and freed slaves who migrated to Liberia between 1820 and 1843.

However, those numbers are hard to accumulate because 43-percent of ex-slaves who migrated to Liberia as a result of the encouragement by the U.S. government perished within a year of being in Africa due to the exposure of new diseases that their immune systems couldn’t handle.

In infancy, which was easier to study, life expectancy for boys was just 1.68 years and 2.23 years for girls.


Other examples used in the study were the Ukranian famine of 1933, the Swedish famine of 1772-73, the Icelandic measles epidemics of 1846 and 1882, and the Irish famine of 1845-49.

Time and time again, women outlived the men.


Even when the numbers look pretty even on the surface when the data is studied further, the theory proves correct once again.

For example, during the Irish potato famine, life expectancy overall was 38 years for both genders to 18.7 years for men and 22.4 years for women at the height of the crisis.

Likewise, during Ukraine’s famine, mortality rates dropped from 41.58 to 7.3 years for men and 45.93 to 10.9 years for women.

You still may need a man to open that jar, ladies, but if he refuses, you can rest easy knowing you’ll outlive him if you both face starvation.

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