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Taking Girl Power To A New Level! Scientists Say Women Are Biologically Stronger Than Men

Women have long believed that they had a greater tolerance for pain than men. This theory is proven 350,000 times every day, or each time a child is brought into this world.

Child labor isn’t a walk in the park and any woman who says differently is about to prove the study you’re about to see even truer.


It’s also believed that women have a higher tolerance threshold, based upon the fact that traditionally, mothers have historically been the parent that does the most child-rearing.

If you’re a mom, you know the patience it takes just to get through the first hour of the day.


And let’s be honest, doesn’t it seem like women have a better immune system than men? It likely stems back from the mothering thing, considering there are no sick days when you’re a mom.

Men, on the other hand…okay, let’s just say there’s a reason “The Man Flu” is a thing.


However, it’s always been said that men are stronger than women. It’s their go-to.

“Hey, honey, can you open this jar? Do you mind carrying all these groceries? Can you chop some wood for the fireplace?”

These are all example of things that women have asked men to do through the sands of time. It turns out that women are stronger than men in certain aspects.

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