Woman With 16 Kids Reveals What Her Daily Life Is Like And It’s As Unbelievable As You’d Expect!

Before the turn of the 20th century, it was commonplace for families to have nine or more children. There was a reason for it, aside from the low mortality rate in the 1800s, and that was because parents ran their farms with the help of their children. Things changed during the Industrial Revolution and even more so after the Great Depression when it became difficult to feed yourself let alone nine kids!


Studies have shown that the number of children couples are having is decreasing more and more over time. This is most commonly attributed to mothers having careers outside of the home as well as having children later in life. You probably still know a couple that has a large family, with say four or five kids and thought “How does she do it?”


The Rebecks certainly qualify as a “large family” as do the infamous Duggar family, but unlike the reality TV stars, Lyette and David just go about raising their family and living pretty ordinary lives. At least, as ordinary as having 16 children allows them to be!


David is a real estate agent in North Palm Beach, Florida while Lyette runs a charity foundation called Believe With Me, which helps families who have lost a loved one serving in the military. Despite having 16 kids they still have time to workout, go out to dinner, and attend social events with friends. How? It’s pretty simple, actually: A list.

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