Firefighters Become Heros After Woman Falls Into River

As everyone has experienced, accidents happen. Some are avoidable, like not putting your cup of coffee directly next to your open laptop, while others are just freak occurrences that no one saw coming, like getting caught in a mudslide driving on the freeway.


Some accidents happen as a result of someone else doing something dumb or strange – we’ve learned to NOT text and drive by now, right? – and other instances occur from the victim causing the infraction by not using their head.


No one knows exactly how a Chinese woman fell off her a tricycle into a raging river, but she did, and the results were nearly fatal.

The woman was on a bridge that was partially flooded, crossing a waterway, when she plunged over the side into the river below.


Witnesses watched as the frantic woman drifted down the river and was pushed into a tree. She hung on for dear life while onlookers watched helplessly as the water rushed all around her.

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