Woman Steps Up And Delivers Twins For Devastated Best Friend

Katelin’s doctor explained that her “her uterine lining was insufficient to carry a baby to term” and that she and Patrick consider surrogacy. Katelin called Erica, who lives in Virginia, and told her the news.

“The moment I realized I could do something more to actually help her and volunteer to carry her babies for her was something I felt very passionate about. I told her: ‘I’d be more than willing to do it for you.'” Erica told PEOPLE. “Over a number of years, there was a lot of loss and heartache on her part. For me, as her best friend, watching her go through that and feeling completely helpless, it was a really difficult situation.”


Katelin and Patrick were relieved and grateful. Knowing that Erica already had two children, they knew her body would be receptive to carry their child. However, the first embryotic transfer resulted in a miscarriage. Not wanting to put her best friend through what she had already gone through, Katelin suggested that they don’t try again. Erica refused. Another embryo was transferred and it worked.

Some might say a little too well because Erica was pregnant with twins! On March 20th, Erica gave birth to Oliver Daniel and Poppy Elizabeth at 35 weeks in a Virginia hospital with her best friend Katelin at her side.

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Source: Mom of 2 Devastated When Best Friend Can’t Conceive, Gives Birth to Twins in Hospital Just for Her by Liftable

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