Woman Steps Up And Delivers Twins For Devastated Best Friend

Would you do anything for your best friend? Your first response is probably, “Yes, of course!” Like most best friends, Katelin Buchanan and Erica Huston-Elem experienced the highs and lows of life together. Their friendship goes as far back as their births because their mothers were best friends too. In fact, Katelin’s mom is Erica’s godmother and the two were raised almost like sisters.


Their lives have been parallel through all of their milestones. Erica explained, “We just grew up together like siblings. Our friendship has been more than a friendship, it’s a sisterhood. We’ve been there through all our life’s experiences.” Except one: parenthood.


Erica and Katelin both married the loves of their lives and Erica went on to have two children. Katelin and her husband Patrick tried for years to conceive and turned to science for help. The couple, who live in California, went to a local fertility clinic and began intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedures, IUI is a process of placing the male partner’s sperm inside the woman’s uterus to help fertilization. After three failed attempts, Katelin and Patrick turned to in vitro fertilization.


The IVF process involves an egg being fertilized outside of the womb then transferred to the uterus. The Buchanans tried five times and each time the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Erica had offered to become a surrogate for the couple, but Katelin hadn’t given up hope. Until she visited her OB-GYN in January 2017…

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