Woman Shares Hilariously Awful Photoshopped Family Pics And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

We’ve all seen – or been apart of – some pretty horrible family photos in our lifetimes.

For those who watch from the Internet sidelines, they can be hilarious. For those who are directly involved, they may still be hilarious but it might take some time to get over the embarrassment.


They could be either professionally taken, a spontaneous group photo on a random Sunday afternoon, or a massive group photo snapped during a family reunion but the result is the same: Someone isn’t looking at the camera or has their eyes closed or something else that doesn’t exactly leave the photo picture perfect.


Photogs have touched photos up for decades, but since Photoshop is readily available for just about anybody, not only has it made professional photographers’ lives easier, it’s turned amateurs into professionals.

Or, at least they think they are.


One woman posted her hilariously awful family photo to Facebook Friday and by weekend’s end, it had been shared nearly 400,000 times.

Why? Because the Photoshopping is that bad.

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