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Woman With Severe Acne Got Fed Up With Expensive Makeup Brands That Don’t Help So She Started Her Own!

Being a makeup artist, Mel was no stranger to expensive brands and lines. She would shell out big bucks to cater to every whim of her clients in any situation. She would use the same products on herself as well but they never really help conceal her acne and she says that her confidence took a nosedive because of it.

“Working as a make-up artist meant that I was constantly having my skin analysed by my clients,” Mel said. “I felt they would look at my skin and wouldn’t want to take my advice or take me seriously.

“It hugely affected my confidence as I started to second-guess my abilities and the advice I was offering my clients, even though I knew it wasn’t down to lack of knowledge in my specific area of expertise, I just hadn’t found what worked for me yet,” she explained.


The creams weren’t working, the medication wasn’t working, and the designer makeup brands weren’t working. Mel honestly didn’t know what to do anymore and she would often be left in tears out of frustration. The products that were supposed to be helping her skin was leaving her in worse shape.


She decided to change her diet and try organic products and what she found was that the selection wasn’t just limited – it was expensive because it came from the U.S. or Australia, which meant shipping costs to the U.K. were pretty hefty.

So, the savvy entrepreneur came up with an idea: She would make her own products that catered to people with acne but were completely natural and organic and could be used by anyone.


Mel starts Glow Organics in 2015 after researching products and a lot of trial and error. She started with a pop-up shop in Brighton, England to test the waters. To her amazement, she quickly sold out of all of her products.

“I sold out within three days and got back in touch with the brands for an emergency delivery of stock!” she said. “I knew I could do better. I wanted to create a website that would feel modern and accessible for all, targeting millennials who want the bright lipsticks and modern textures, but without the harm.”

So that’s exactly what she did.


“I knew that I had something, so I set up the website straight after that and with my £1000 (approx. $1420) savings, I bought stock from four brands to start with,” Mel explained. “It was slow at first but I persisted and now, two-and-a-half-years later, I have 16 brands, one part-time employee and two freelancers who work with me in my studio/office in Brighton.”

This year, Glow Organic is set to turn over £250,000 in profit this year, which is roughly $355,225. Not bad for a company not even three years old. She also notes that her products are all environmentally safe and are not tested on animals.

Mel really took her negative experiences and turned them into something positive that is now helping people all over the world.

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