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Woman With Severe Acne Got Fed Up With Expensive Makeup Brands That Don’t Help So She Started Her Own!

One of the biggest drawbacks to hitting adolescence is the changes that everyone’s body goes through. Every single person on the planet experiences hair growth in places they didn’t have just a month before, bodies start producing odors that at times can be quite unpleasant, and nearly everyone gets pimples. We have to say “nearly” because there are those very lucky few out there that never seem to be carrying Clearasil or any other type of acne cream or medication and their skin is always flawless!


It is estimated that 80-percent of people between the ages of 11-30 will experience some level of acne, making it the most common skin condition on the planet. If you don’t have severe or chronic acne, even a breakout now and then can be a nightmare. It always happens right before a big event, too!


If you’re someone with the occasional blemish, it’s important to remember that there are many out there that experience acne constantly which can be quite painful. Over-the-counter products may help your infrequent flare-up, but for those with severe acne, even prescription medications don’t always help.


Like many people, Mel Jenkins has had severe acne for years and tried every topical cream and medication out there but nothing was working. She was in constant pain and her self-esteem suffered because of her unsightly red bumps. To make matters worse, Mal is a makeup artist and works in the film, TV, and wedding industry meaning that she is surrounded by beauty all the time.

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