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Woman Pushes Paralyzed Boyfriend’s Wheelchair Along The Entire Boston Marathon Route

Before 2016, Kaitlyn Kiely and Matt Wetherbee planned on running in the Boston Marathon together. Unfortunately, that dream was put on hold after Matt was involved in a freak basketball accident that left him paralyzed. Matt’s accident damaged the upper portion of his spine just five days before he was set to propose to Kaitlyn.


Kaitlyn hasn’t given up on Matt and in fact, is one of his biggest supporters, adjusting to their new life, with Matt unable to move from his shoulders down, with strength, dignity, grace, and without complaining.


Since the accident, Matt has been working nonstop through intense physical therapy so that he may regain use of his legs and at the very least his arms. He is determined to propose to Kaitlyn as traditionally as possible and that drive is what motivates him to never give up.


Kaitlyn’s love and belief in Matt has never wavered in the last two years. She has been his rock, his cheerleader, his inspiration, and in return, Matt has been all of those things to Kaitlyn. That’s one of the reasons that Kaitlyn never let the couple’s dream of running the Boston Marathon together die.

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