Woman Called ‘Purple People Eater’ Due To Large Birthmark Undergoes An Amazing Transformation!

It’s no secret that kids can be cruel. Since the dawning of time, adolescents have had to endure relentless bullying for a myriad of reasons – none of which make it okay. In recent years, anti-bullying campaigns both online and in schools have been trying to put an end to bullying and with help from parents, teachers, and other kids, hopefully, this devastatingly awful behavior will soon cease to exist.


39-year-old Kiana Smith wishes there was anti-bullying campaigns when she was growing up because this brave woman has gone through years of torture at the hands of her peers. Kiana was born with a “port-wine stain birthmark,” named so because of its unmistakable color.


Kiana’s birthmark is incredibly large and covered the entire left side of her face and went into her neck, ear, and chest. She was stared at and called horrific names like “purple people eater” when she was growing up.


“People always stare at me when I leave the house,” Kiana explained. “I mean I’m a human being. You know children will often freak out, screaming, crying and everything and I have felt so bad because I’m the cause of their reaction. I would get called, ‘prune face’, ‘purple face’ and one of the popular ones was the ‘purple people eater.”

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