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Woman Harassed And Bullied After Appearance On Daytime Talk Show Gets Incredible Makeover!

Gemma got dragged pretty hard on Twitter after the episode aired, with many people calling her “tooth woman.”

She claims the abuse caused her to have a breakdown.

“After the show my teeth caused a social media meltdown,” Gemma said. “The abuse was terrible, I just wanted to cry. I actually had a breakdown.”

Her Original Appearance:

The Jeremy Kyle Show put up more than $13,000 to have Gemma’s teeth fixed in one of the most memorable makeovers in TV history.

Considering it was partly the show’s fault that she was bullied in the first place, ponying up the money to have her teeth fixed was the least they could do.

The Makeover:

Boy, the comments directed at Gemma are sure different now! She’s received a lot of compliments on her new smile with some folks even admitting they bullied her after her first appearance and apologizing.

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