Woman Finds Out Her Dog That Never Barks Isn’t A Dog At All!

There are a lot of decisions that go into bringing an animal into your family. There may even be a couple disagreements about what kind of animal and who will take care of it. After those details are settled, it’s time to pick out your new furry friend! If a family chooses to go down the dog path, many are flocking to their nearest shelter to #AdoptDontShop. This is great news for the millions of pups that end up in shelter kennels each year.

However, it can be a little tricky for the staff members who need to fill out the extensive reports on your new best friend. Unless the person who owns the dog can prove what type of breed it is, volunteers and workers have to guess.


This process usually goes one of two ways. The first is when it’s obvious the dog is a purebred. The second is a little more difficult and that’s when the dog is a mixed breed. If you’ve ever adopted from a shelter, you know how uncertain it can be! They may be able to tell right away it’s a “Labrador” but the “mix” part can be tricky.

When you buy a dog from a pet store, the guesswork is supposed to be taken out of the equation. A woman in China had no such luck. She told Shanxi Network Television that she paid close to $190 for a dog she believed was a Japanese Spitz. Except it wasn’t. In fact, it wasn’t even a dog!


Six months ago, the woman, Ms. Wang, bought what she thought was a Japanese Spitz from a pet store. But she says she started growing suspicious after three months when it refused to eat dog food. She also said its physical appearance started to change and it never barked.

“The fur got thicker when it reached three months old. Its face became pointy and its tail grew longer than that of a normal dog,” Ms. Wang said. She added that other dogs, even those much bigger than hers, were terrified of him. After consulting a local zoo, the answer was pretty clear why all of this was happening: Ms. Wang didn’t have a Japanese Spitz. She had a fox.

She gave the fox to the Taiyuan Zoo so that he could have a better life and the zoo promised her that she can come visit him any time. How wild is that?

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Source: Woman Finds Out Dog Who Never Barks Purchased from Pet Store Is Actually a Fox by Liftable

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