Woman Breaks Down In Tears After Seeing Sign In Crowd While Running A 10K

Millions of little girls dream of their wedding day. They dress up in mom’s dresses and put blankets over their heads to act as their veil. They put Ring Pops or other costume jewelry on as their engagement ring and if they have a brother, they may even try to enlist him to be her stand-in groom.

It’s not until later on in life when she starts thinking about the engagement and sometimes that doesn’t even happen until she has her first long-term boyfriend. Sure, the wedding is always in the back of her mind but it’s not until she feels she met Mr. Right that the idea really starts to take shape.

Nowadays, everything in our lives is put on social media for the world to see. Part of that is sharing our relationships on Facebook and Instagram. While some people may get a little tired of seeing countless photos, videos, and posts of a happy couple, others are more than overjoyed to see their friends and family experience such bliss.


At times, it can feel like someone is trying to outdo someone else, especially when it comes to innovative ways to propose to their significant other, but we should always keep in mind that it’s their way of making a grand gesture for one of the biggest moments of their life.

However, there have been some cases when the beau didn’t exactly mean for his proposal to go viral but the story behind it was so touching that it captivated thousands of strangers who shared it across the world.

Daniel Chavez is one of these guys. His girlfriend Lauren Crunk was running a 10K last week and he came up with a cute way to ask for her hand in marriage.

Lauren was running the Statesman Capitol 10,000, Texas’ largest 10K, for the second year in a row. In 2017, Daniel and Lauren had just met and he was cheering her on from the sidelines. As she ran past him, he held up a sign that read: “Go Lauren! Run now, drinks later?” Thus, their romance began.


This year, Daniel was planning on running with Lauren, but bowed out at the last minute, citing and injury but promised to be there to cheer her on again. Lauren found a couple friends to run with her in his place and had no idea what her boyfriend really had up his sleeve.

As Lauren got closer to the spot Daniel was at, she noticed he was holding a sign but couldn’t make out what it said. Finally, she read: “Go Lauren!!! Run now, marry me later?”

She immediately paused in disbelief than began pacing back and forth, saying “Are you kidding me?!”

The crowd started to cheer as Daniel got down on one knee and proposed to his shocked and very excited girlfriend. The couple posed for a few photos then the entire group left the 10K to celebrate!

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Source: In Middle of Marathon, Woman Spots Sign in Crowd That Leaves Her Sobbing by Liftable

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