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Will Smith Has A Hilarious Message For Georgia Residents After Day 1 Of Filming

While parts of the country may still be in the throes of winter, the Deep South has been thawing after an unusually cold few months that saw temperatures dip so low it actually snowed in Florida. Now, all is well south of the Mason-Dixon line as spring has sprung for much of the southeastern United States.

As every Southerner will attest to, it ain’t just charm and barbeque that makes that particular region stand-out to the rest of the nation, there’s also a little bit of a bug problem. Okay, it’s a HUGE problem!


Just ask Will Smith who is currently on location in Savannah, Georgia filming his upcoming movie Gemini Man. The movie stars Smith as an “elite assassin targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative who seemingly can predict his every move,” according to Variety and is being directed by Academy Award-winner Ang Lee.

After just one day of filming, however, Smith has a bone to pick with Georgia residents and it involves the bugs.

Decked out in netting that covers his head and face, Smith and Lee snapped a selfie of the duo in their “protective gear” and posted it to the Gemini Man official Instagram account. The actor also had a very serious message for the residents of the Peach State.

“I love Georgia, I really do. But ya’ll gotta do something about the bugs,” Smith said.

As anyone who has ever lived in the South can attest, if something could have been done about the bugs by now it would have happened! Mosquitoes love the swampy terrain of the Southeast and the gnats (or “No See’ums”) will drive even a lifelong resident batty. That’s not even mentioning the lovebugs which are one of the biggest nuisances of the summer season or the wretched Palmetto bug which is basically a large, flying cockroach.

There’s just nothing that can be done about it, Big Willie. But you’re more than welcome to take your best shot at ’em!

Watch His Hilarious Video Message To Georgia Residents:

Source: Will Smith Has Hilarious Message For Georgia Residents After Day 1 On Savannah Movie Set by Liftable

The funny part is, Will has said Miami is one of his favorite cities on the planet and he and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith have a massive estate in the South Florida city. He should be quite familiar with bugs, wouldn’t ya think?!

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