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Wife Pranked Her Husband For Years After She Passed Away And The Internet Can’t Stop Giggling!

Losing a loved one is often quite traumatic for many of us. Especially when it’s someone we were close to like a parent or spouse.

We do our best to dig our heels in deeper and push forward, but we know life will never be the same with them gone.


People say that your loved one is never really gone – that they live in our hearts and memories forever and that’s true.

Years after we lose the person, we will see a rainbow or a rare flower that they loved and we immediately think of them.


Sometimes while driving in your car, a song that they loved will come on that you haven’t heard in years or you swear you hear their laughter in a crowded room.


Other times, especially when our loved one is sick or knows they are reaching the end of their time on earth, they will leave instructions or a list of things that they want us to do.

Phedre Fitton only wanted her husband Nigel to do one thing after she passed: Water the plants in the bathroom.

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