WATCH: Who Loves Mermaids? THIS Girl!

Hopefully, you are already following Adalia’s Facebook, Instagram, or her YouTube channel but if not, we’d love it if you did! Adalia is an 11-year-old girl who loves to brighten up people’s day with humor, positivity, and a touch of sass!

Like most little girls, Adalia loves makeup, singing, and dancing – and sharing all of those experiences with you. Adalia and her family, who are collectively known as “The Pallante Tribe” usually help her with her videos.

In the video you’re about to watch, Adalia’s “little big brother” Marcelo is giving her a hand with an unboxing video, but this isn’t any unboxing video! For Christmas, Adalia’s friend Maureen sent her some mermaid-related gift because no one loves mermaids like Adalia!

Adalia and Marcelo go through all of the gifts which are all pretty cool but wait until you see what they unraveled at the end! It’s a mermaid tale so big that Adalia calls Marcelo back in her room to sit inside of it with her.

Watch Adalia And Marcelo Open Some Mermaid Gifts:

How big was that mermaid tale?! It’s so awesome, right?

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