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‘Walk The Prank’ Is At It Again With Their Latest Restaurant Squid-Tastrophe

The kids from Disney XD’s hilarious hidden camera show Walk the Prank are up to their old tricks once again. In this episode called “Calamari,” the pranksters have cooked up a crazy plan that is sure to freak out their target Callie.

The devilish idea behind their latest trick revolves around the delectable appetizer known as calamari. Calamari, also known as squid, is a common Mediterranean dish that is usually battered and fried, cut into bite-sized slices and served with a marinara or ponzu sauce.

However, that’s not what’s in store for poor Callie and once you see her reaction to the giant calamari dish served to her, you will find it hard not to burst out laughing yourself.

See what happens when Chance delivers Callie and crew’s disgusting and disastrous dish below!

The Walk The Prank Team Are Back At It Again

They’ve got a new target named Callie and it’s all about calamari.

Who Doesn’t Love Calamari??

Calamari is one of the greatest appetizers on the planet!

If You Ever Recognize The Gang From Walk The Prank Heading Your Way…

Do yourself a favor and RUN!

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