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It’s Mosquito Season: Here’s Some Tips To Keep Your Summer Insect Free

You can feel it in the air. After months of snow and ice, cold and damp, the sun is starting to reach out from behind the clouds of winter and is warming things up. Right now, the heat is happiness. It makes the gloom of the last few weeks feel well worth the misery. But as the temperatures rise, so does the threat from mosquitoes. They cannot thrive when it’s freezing. When it’s hot – hello insect bites.

Summer’s Just Around The Corner


So Is Mosquito Season


For as long as there have been picnics and parades, parties and personal time, there’s been remedies for the annual pest invasion. Some of these are famous – OFF – while others are steeped in a more “wife’s tale” design. So science is stepping in and trying to determine what’s the best course of action. One idea might be found in a vitamin we all need everyday.

These Pests Are Particularly Irritating


It’s known as B1 – or thiamine – and it has been shown to repel mosquitoes. There’s not a great deal of data on its effectiveness, but it is a supplement that is good for us, and so if it also manages to keep those little bloodsuckers away, that’s a win/win. There are other things you can do to keep those flying irritants at bay, with the emphasis on prevention and protection.

You Can Use A Chemical Repellent


But There’s A Natural Way To Keep These Bugs At Bay


What Are Those Steps? Continue On To Find Out