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Video Of Mom With ‘Voice Of An Angel’ Serenading Her Terminally Ill Son Goes Viral

Abigail never intended for anyone to hear her sing to Lincoln. She says that while the Tanner family was waiting for an appointment at Duke Cancer Institute, she noticed there was a piano in the room and decided to sing to her son.

“It was just a moment between Lincoln and I,” she said, adding, “I had a couple minutes without my kids and he was sleeping peacefully I just took a timeout play a song.”

That “timeout” has now made her a national sensation.


Duke Cancer Institute posted the video on their Facebook page back in online a month ago, writing in the caption that the staff “heard wafting through the air what we thought was the voice of an angel. We weren’t far off.”

The video of Abigail’s rendition of “Never Enough” has been watched almost 250,000 times since and will likely garner even more views.

Watch Below:

Not only is Abigail’s musical talent going viral, but her positive and uplifting attitude is as well.

“You have to reach for the joys that are today, and you have to embrace those and not get sucked into this cycle of hurt and despair,” she said.

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