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Video Of Mom With ‘Voice Of An Angel’ Serenading Her Terminally Ill Son Goes Viral

Not everyone handles adversity in the same manner. Some people may freeze up at the mere thought of something going wrong, while others may internalize their fears and handle it quietly and alone. Others may lash out, letting the negativity get the best of them and still, others do their best to take any amount of positivity they find and use it toward something powerful and uplifting. Abigail Tanner fits into that last category.


A video of Abigail, who hails from South Carolina, is going viral after staff members at Duke Cancer Institute caught her playing the piano and singing “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman Abigail had no idea that anyone other than her son, Lincoln, who is one was listening.

“I just love that song,” she told Inside Edition. “There’s a lot of joy in it. There’s hope out there.”


The “hope” that Abigail speaks about is for her son. Lincoln was diagnosed with malignant migrating partial seizure of infancy – a rare, terminal form of epilepsy. Abigail said that at one point, Lincoln was having more than 200 seizures in a 24-hour period, but now he is down to 20-30 seizures per day.

Abigail, who is a mother to two other children, started a Facebook page called Lincoln’s Road, to keep people updated on his progress. It’s very apparent that she leans on her faith for strength.

“Lincoln’s road of disability is challenging in every way, but we know Who leads us,” she wrote.


What is also apparent is that while Abigail and the rest of the Tanner family rely on their faith for strength, she uses her natural musical talent to bring comfort to her sick son.

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