Video Mom Recorded Of Officer Talking To Her 5-Year-Old After She Steals Candy Goes Viral

When we’re little, we’re awestruck by police officers. They have fun cars with lights and sirens and uniforms filled with gadgets and a really cool badge. We’re taught from an early age to respect officers because their job is to serve and protect us and to enforce the laws in our communities.


Many little kids are afraid of cops, not because of the things they see on the news (a bad apple doesn’t have to spoil a whole bushel) but because officers carry themselves in a way that commands respect. When you’re younger, this can be translated into fear. It doesn’t have to, though. Lately, we’ve seen a string of incidents that show the boys that wear blue aren’t as scary as we think they are.


The most recent story that comes to mind happened over Memorial Day weekend. A photo of an officer in Texas holding and singing to a three-month-old infant went viral. The officer, Donald Boice of the Dallas Police Department had responded to a fatal car accident earlier in his shift when he heard over the radio dispatch call for assistance to the site of another serious crash. This one involved two adults and three children – one of them the baby.

The father of three responded despite the accident being under the Sheriff’s Department’s jurisdiction. Officer Boice wanted to help, so he asked the parents if he could hold their baby. A photojournalist on the scene snapped the photo and posted it on social media and Officer Boice’s compassion went viral.

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