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UPS Driver Calls 911 After Hearing ‘Help!’ But Cop Was In For A Shock When He Arrived

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office sent deputy Hayden Sanders to the scene but didn’t find a woman in distress like dispatch and the Purdy’s suspected.

“The deputies were able to contact the owner and gain entrance into the residence,” Brian Jensen, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office explained. “And that’s what they found.”

“They” found a chatty parrot.

Sanders was happy to report to local news outlets that the parrot was uninjured and in no need of police or veterinarian assistance.

“We’re thankful. It’s super funny. We were ribbing [Sanders] a little bit,” Jensen said. “We’re just glad that no one, including the bird, actually needed any help.”

Watch Below:

This wasn’t the first strange encounter this Sheriff’s Office experienced that week.

The week before, a Clackamas County sheriff deputy was on patrol when he spotted a female driver who appeared to be in distress parked along the side of the road. When the deputy arrived at her vehicle, she was in terror because a spider was crawling on her windshield and she was flailing about in fear.

The deputy gave the lady a hand and escorted the perpetrator off her windshield and into the wild.

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