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Rare Condition Causes Kids To Have ‘Dandelion Hair’ And There’s Nothing Moms Can Do!

Any mother of a toddler knows that there are days when no matter what you do, your child’s hair looks more like a lion’s mane than a human’s.

Combing it, using a styling product, even putting your daughter’s hair in pigtails doesn’t work; minutes after your grooming effort is over, the child’s hair looks like a permanent case of bedhead.


Fortunately, these days are usually few and far between for the majority of mothers.

For some parents, however, this is life on a daily basis.


For approximately 100 toddlers worldwide, they have been diagnosed with “Uncombable Hair Syndrome.”

It’s essentially exactly how it sounds and it’s even been said the condition is what gave Albert Einstein his signature look.


One mom in Arkansas says that no matter what product or method she uses to tame her two-year-old daughter, Jaili’s unruly locks, nothing works.

“When Jaili was little she had typical baby hair but then that fell out and this wiry, coarse hair started coming in. We just thought it was unruly and that it was going to be really curly, but it has this strange texture. At first, I thought there might be something wrong with her diet because her hair was so brittle.”

This mother isn’t alone – meet other children with this condition on the next page…